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140/150 Padgette Street

Flex Space

Multi-tenant Flex Space projects offering functional, affordable rental units from 2,000 to 20,000 square feet.

140/150 Padgette Street


Cost-effective, high open work space to serve the Northeast and beyond with our strategic geographical locations.

140/150 Padgette Street


Manufacturing spaces with special requirements needed including craneways, specialized flooring, large power services and customized mechanical systems.

140/150 Padgette Street

Office Space

Attractive, professional, secure office space with floorplans designed to suit the tenant’s needs.

140/150 Padgette Street

Medical Space

Custom designed to the exact specifications to create a functional, environmentally responsible health care environment.

140/150 Padgette Street

High Tech Space

High-quality, specialized space providing the unique features needed by technology tenants, including clean rooms (Class 100 to Class 100,000), controlled environments. epoxy and anti-static flooring.

140/150 Padgette Street

Vocational Schools

Finished, attractive, functional classrooms and support space for local vocational schools.

140/150 Padgette Street


Unique set up for automotive tenants such as explosion-proof fixtures, exhaust systems, waste oil burners and floor pits.