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Angela D. Brooks

is a Marketing Coach and the owner of OTB Marketing & Design, a worldwide graphic and web development company whose team specializes in taking the project one thought beyond the design. Angela is also the author of the ‘SUCCESS of Marketing’, a workbook used in business programs across North America. Her marketing technique, through coaching, teleclasses, and workshops have been instrumental in the growth of many small businesses since 2001. Angela’s experience includes: High exposure branding, product development, cross promotion, internet marketing, advertising, and course development.


Why Marketing Retreats & Intensives?

“Over the years, I have presented and attended many webinars, workshops and seminars. The attendees are inspired and excited at the event, but than I will talk to them months later and find they have YET to implement the many great ideas and advice shared with them. The reasons vary from not knowing how to implement the strategies, (“Where do I start?”), to what I call “life interruptions”; family and real work obligations which consume their time and energy from their good intentions. There is never any doubt, if they could just find the time, energy and know how, their businesses would benefit greatly.

So, my Marketing Retreats, do just that!  While away from it all, inspired, good marketing energy, and the step-by-step instruction …attendees will leave their marketing retreat feeling relaxed and productive. They will  have accomplished a goal geared to move their business forward in the upcoming months.

I can give information all day long, on my blog, newsletters, workshops, seminars, the book I am writing…but I think the Marketing Retreats are the true value…Don’t just wish, read or listen how marketing can make a difference in your business strategies…do it!” ~ Angela Brooks, Marketing Coach of OTB Marketing & Design.



The One Thought Beyond approach helps you know what to do and when to do it. Social media, newspaper ads, group presentations, there are so many ways to grow your business. But deciding how much you need and when can be overwhelming. By planning your strategy and going One Thought Beyond the average entrepreneur, you have ensured your business success. What makes an OTB Marketing Workshop so different from others is the absence of theory based rhetoric. It is a practical, individualized plan of attack you will simply refer to each week to ensure you are working smart and effectively. Each attendee’s end plan will look completely different as it based on your individual business, not a generic approach to marketing.

“New challenges require new solutions and even old challenges can be overcome by taking a fresh look at them! Thanks Angela for sharing your enthusiasm and marketing inspiration in such a clear, concise manner. You provided us with a sense of direction, power and energy to continue learning.”
Nuala Durkin, RESA Niagara Chapter President, Owner NuLook Interiors, Niagara, ON

“Angela is extremely creative and shares so many amazing marketing ideas, that sometimes I can’t write them down quickly enough. She is very generous with all of her ideas and takes the time to ensure you understand how to activate them with a comprehensive plan. Angela is truly inspirational and as I like to call her, “a marketing genius”.
Ginny Truyens, Feels Like Home 2 Me, Georgetown, ON

“Angela’s down to earth approach is refreshing. She not only explains what needs to be done, but shows you how to do it! I have been attending her workshops for the past 3 years. Her passion for marketing does rub off!”
Susan P.

“One hour on the phone with Angela, and I hang up feeling energized and excited to implement the many marketing ideas shared.”
Lori P.

“Angela, is an amazing marketing professional – the ideas seem to flow unimpeded. She is intelligent, hard working, creative and fun to work with, she knows home staging, website development and marketing to a degree not often seen in the industry.”
Joanne O’Donnell – California

“Angela is what I consider to be a true professional. Her loyalty, dedication and exceptional marketing skills … Angela is known for her out of the box marketing ideas, savvy business skills and graphic design. If you need business or marketing coaching, help with social media or graphic design, Angela is the “one stop shop” for all your business needs. I recommend Angela to all my business partners, as I know she always delivers and exceeds the expectations”
Monica S. – Toronto, ON

“Angela is truly one of the most creative and inspirational marketing professionals I know. Her kind nature along side her vast involvement as CSP’s Marketing Director has been highly instrumental in defining my business goals with new tools, education and wisdom. I highly recommend Angela.”
Cathy Q. – Maddison, WI

“Angela is the most creative, innovative, effective managers that I have worked with in many years. It amazes me how she handles so many different aspects of her business; I would like to know her secret of time management.”
Wayde H. – Toronto, ON


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